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There’s Been a Shift in How Organizations Get Work Done

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Actionable Insights with Intelligent Spend Management

Services providers – strategists, consultants, services firms, and more – help organizations get work done and represent a sizeable share of total workforce spend. But most organizations don't view these workers as an extension of their workforce, and?struggle to derive maximum value from them.

Too often, organizations face these challenges in realizing the full value of their services providers:

  • Tracking the quality of the project and the external talent
  • Managing security, both physical and cybersecurity
  • Ensuring compliance to labor laws, local taxes, worker certification, etc.
  • Exposing unauthorized spend?
  • Finding high-quality resources at the right time, right place, right rate

To achieve greater visibility and insight?into external services providers, companies must manage them?as actively as full-time employees.?In doing so,?executives can obtain a good return on their investment?and desired business outcomes.?


3 things four departments can do to get one view of spend?

Collaboration and best-in-class control.

Intelligent Spend Management means seeing every source and every category. In one, unified view.





Gain a unified view of your services spend with SAP Fieldglass

We’re on a journey with our customers – to shift your technology and business strategies and infuse intelligence
in how companies?manage services procurement.

SAP Fieldglass helps companies manage their external workforce and services providers throughout the entire lifecycle: from onboarding and invoicing, milestones and project delivery, to secure offboarding and quality review. Across categories, sources, and processes, SAP Fieldglass can help you get to the level of depth required to effectively manage your services and external labor engagements from one unified view of your spend.

The Future of Spend Management: Approaches, Opportunities, and Challenges in a Digital World

Download this white paper that explores the key benefits when people, process, and technology come together to empower the future of spend management.

Intelligent Spend Management Resources ?

SAP Whitepaper

Intelligent Spend Management: Tackling the complexities of modern spend management

The balancing act of managing and optimizing spend, while staying agile, is hard. In today’s unpredictable world, implementing a real-time, Intelligent Spend Management strategy is the best way to minimize uncertainty.?

SAP Case Study?

SAP’s Journey to Intelligent Spend Management

At SAP, we strive to be a role model of the Intelligent Enterprise for our customers, which is why we have been reimaging our own work and processes over the last several years using our Run Simple approach.??

D!gitalist Magazine

It’s Time For Intelligent Spend Management. Here’s Why.

In this this article by Drew Hofler,?Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing for SAP Ariba,?learn five keys to intelligent spend management, and how organizations can bring more intelligence to every part of the spend-management process.


Download the Intelligent Spend Management Infographic

When direct and indirect, T&E and services/external labor spending come together, companies?get total control of each spend category as well as holistic way to orchestrate spending across categories.

Comprehensive solutions for managing spend
where it happens

External services and labor?

With SAP Fieldglass you can automate services procurement and external talent management with a scalable, cloud-based strategic sourcing platform that offers visibility into your total workforce and easily integrates with your other enterprise systems.

Direct and indirect spend

With SAP Ariba solutions, you can digitalize and simplify your source-to-pay processes end-to-end – on a single integrated platform in the cloud. You will control spending on direct and indirect materials, find new sources of savings, and build a healthy supply chain.

Travel and expense

SAP Concur can help your business become an Intelligent Enterprise and create more value by capturing and connecting travel and expense data from virtually any purchase – so you can automate mundane tasks, deliver best-in-class user experiences, and make better business decisions.

Intelligent Spend Management Videos?

Intelligent Spend Management Overview

Intelligent Spend Management from SAP brings together?the best systems from each category, using the most extensive networks and platforms into one unified view.

Intelligent Spend Management in SAP Analytics Cloud

Mina Teodosic from SAP Presales walks you through the possibilities on how to capture every source of spend, across each category, for one unified view.

Intelligent Spend Management: Get One Single Company View

Drew Hofler of SAP Ariba and Ronald van Loon talk about the Intelligent Spend Management: Get One Single Company View.

IDC Brief: The Business Value of Intelligent Spend Management

Business leaders acknowledge that spend management priorities are expanding beyond traditional cost and savings metrics.

Learn about their efforts to deliver business value across all functions through intelligent spend management.

Join the Movement with SAP Fieldglass

The most progressive organizations are leading a change that’s redefining how work gets done. With SAP Fieldglass, you can create a flexible, dynamic workforce – which also includes your services providers – that extends beyond full-time employees.?

SAP Fieldglass, a leading cloud-based platform, offers a portfolio of solutions to manage procurement throughout the entire lifecycle: from onboarding and invoicing, milestones and project delivery, to secure offboarding and quality review.?

We can help you get the most out of your services and external labor spending.?


Access Network

Access a network of service providers and external workers as well as pre-built integrations to tools that help you effectively manage these resources.

Access Talent

Leverage proven best practices and a system designed for simplifying the complexities and unique regulatory requirements of managing an external workforce in more than 180 countries.

Full Transparency

Get full transparency into who is working where, how work is progressing, what you’re spending and more with detailed reports and dashboards you can easily tailor to your specific needs.


With SAP Fieldglass, you can join the movement of leaders redefining their workforce and reinventing their businesses along the way.

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